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want to talk?

Just send me a message by e-mail or on any of my social media channels and let’s have a chat. :-)
I am open for discussions about my work, future projects and any other subjects, from the last memes to the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

have you seen me around?

Maybe you saw my face or my works walking around the world, sometimes together. Just to be sure you remember me, those are the last places I’ve been seen at:

Neurotic Narratives 2018/2019 - Bremen

I presented the Exhibition Neurotic Narratives at the Jahresausstellung 2019, Hulsberg Crowd - Bremen.

Web Summit 2017 - Lisbon

I was there as an attendee representing the Digital Media department of the Hochschule für Künste Bremen.

EMAF 2017 - Ösnabruck

I was gladly invited to present my work “Is this real life?” in the European Media Festival of 2017.

CodeTalks 2017 - Hamburg

In the team-hy booth I was supervising our game challenge Code Fight in the CodeTalks 2017.